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An exotic mineral is taken from nature and shaped into a piece of art. Every Miraak Quartz is an amplification of the beauty of quartz with careful engineering and meticulous design. Accord your surroundings towards serenity with Miraak Quartz.

Serenade Series

A Symphony of Strings
The Serenade Series is inspired by a symphony – a beautiful composition of individual strings that together create an octave of exotic patterns. Each serenade piece is designed to exude luxury and sophistication, invoking a sense of grandeur to entice the soul.

Aurora Series

Patterns of Nature
Known for its distinct patterns and remarkable shades, the Aurora series is an exploration of modernity which results in exceptional surfaces. The Aurora series brings forth a range which comes in a dual tone that enhances the vibrance of space.

Eloquence Series

Strokes of Life
The majestic beauty of Eloquence Series lies in the way fine strokes are scattered in this quartz. The sparse and sporadic visuality brings an aesthetical aura to the space, influencing the touch and feel of the environment. Its composition is vogue and luxurious in nature.

Eternal Series

Brilliance in every inch
Throughout the Eternal Series various tones of fine specks are arranged meticulously. These quartz slabs are a popular option for quartz table tops and installation as vanity tops due to their remarkable delicacy. Eternal series comes in a wide variety of colours.

Euphoria Series

Splendour of Elegance
Euphoria Series is crafted to showcase the purity of nature. The minimal design of the Euphoria Series brings a vital essence of fulfilment to the space and creates a calming environment. Euphoria Series oozes elegance through its simplicity.


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